Monday, July 10, 2006

All-Star Game Starters [J. Mark English]

PITTSBURGH -- Kenny Rogers has gone from all-star scourge to All-Star Game starter.
The Tigers' left-hander, the top winner for the team with the best record in the majors, will be on the mound for the AL on Tuesday night against Brad Penny of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Rogers will be trying to extend a nine-game AL unbeaten streak.
Rogers is 11-3 with a 3.85 ERA, while Penny is 10-2 with a 2.91 ERA. Rogers will be ready -- he hasn't started since Wednesday, lasting 5 2-3 innings in a victory against Oakland.
Wow, as a Mets fan I'm offended that Rogers is a starter in the All-Star game. My only impression of him is walking the winning running against the Braves in the '99 NLCS. But I have him on my fantasy team, and he has been a nice addition to a rocky team I have put together.
Anyway, here are the starting line ups, courtesy of ESPN:
American League:
  1. Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners, RF
  2. Derek Jeter, Yankees, SS
  3. David Ortiz, Red Sox, 1B
  4. Alex Rodriguez, Yankees, 3B
  5. Vladimir Guerrero, Angels, LF
  6. Ivan Rodriguez, Tigers, C
  7. Vernon Wells, Blue Jays, CF
  8. Mark Loretta, Red Sox, 2B
  9. Kenny Rogers, Tigers, P
National League:
  1. Alfonso Soriano, Nationals, LF
  2. Carlos Beltran, Mets, CF
  3. Albert Pujols, Cardinals, 1B
  4. Jason Bay, Pirates, RF
  5. Edgar Renteria, Braves, SS
  6. David Wright, Mets, 3B
  7. Chase Utley, Phillies, 2B
  8. Paul Lo Duca, Mets, C
  9. Brad Penny, Dodgers, P