Friday, July 21, 2006

New York Fans v Media Agenda [YANKEEMAMA]

How much longer do Yankee fans have to endure the media's double standard? The print media litters the backpages with headlines which excoriate A-Rod ,while talk radio hosts and ESPN salivate at the thought of finding some nugget of information that they can exploit to spike their ratings. Yet, they quickly do an about face and chastise Yankee fans for A-Rod's problems. Yes, we have heard Michael " I'll do anything to spike my radio ratings" Kay scold Yankee fans. According to Kay, Yankee fans are spoiled and selfish. He was one of the first who suggested that A-Rod ask to be traded since he will never make it in New York. Kay's sentiments were echoed by fellow ESPN magpies Steve Phillips. Mike Greenberg, and, Harold Reynolds. Yet, when A-Rod is a guest on Kay's program, he masquerades as his best buddy! It is outrageous how Kay et al generalize about fans. From my perspective, there are "spectators" and then there are "fans". Spectators are the people who attend games and : 1) they never sit though an entire inning. They make multiple trips to purchase beer followed by a visit to the restroom . 2) They stand up holding their cell phones and engage in inane conversations with their friends who are seated somewhere in the opposite field. 3) They wear those trendy pink NYY caps with matching Jeter tees, halter tops, and of course, stilettos! For the spectator, Yankee games have nothing to do with baseball- it is simply a social event. They have little interest in baseball and no loyalty. These are the people who boo A-Rod and who jeered Jeter and Mo. Real fans do not ! Moreover, as a season ticket holder, I have attended games when the above players were booed and the media greatly exaggerated the extent of the booing. A case in point- the NYY v Mets game- A-Rod was loudly cheered for his Grand Slam, but the media focused on the fact that he was "loudly booed" when he made an out later in the game. The extent of the booing was sheer hyperbole and paled by comparison with the cheering that he received during the game. The sports media needs report sports, not soap operas... and not exploit real fans for their self-serving agenda.