Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Why the Mets Will Miss the D-Train [J. Mark English]

Jon Heyman writes today that the Mets go out and get Dontrelle Willis at all costs:
Mets people have signaled that they'd surrender Milledge for Willis, and they're under the impression the Marlins would trade Willis for both the multitalented Milledge and hot-shot pitching prospect Mike Pelfrey, who'd have to be designated a "player to be named,'' since he isn't technically eligible to be traded until January.
Matthew Cerrone over at Metsblog seems to agree:
…it’s steep, but i am starting to think i would even pull the trigger on this deal…
When you think about it, the price is not that steep. In return for trading two unproven prospects your getting a young, already proven pitcher who will be an ace for years to come baring any unforeseeneen injuries.
Willis would solve the Mets immediate problems, as well as be a fixture for the team in the years to come.
If Milledge goes on to become an All-Star outfielder, great...good for him. Anyone who plays fantasy baseball knows that there are always talented outfielders available. Milledge is very replaceableble.
Pelfry may go on as well to be an ace for the Marlins or another team, but how much better could he be then what you already know Willis is capable doing?
However, the Mets front office are probably gun shy to trade two highly touted prospects for Willis. Will Met fans accept the loss of these two players, especially after what happened with Kazmir? The PR department does not want to suffer through another humiliating trade if Willis turns out to be a bust.
Omar Minaya would rather bank on the future then on the present. Before the season began he said his expectations this year were not to win the World Series, but simply to make the playoffs. Will he really take the risk of putting the team in danger of losing out at the chance of becoming a dynasty in order to win a World Series this year? Time well tell, but I think the train has left the station, and the Mets aren't looking to be on it any time soon.