Friday, July 14, 2006

Your Daily Fix 7.14.06 [J. Mark English]

  • Barbaro is feeling much better after a good nights rest.
  • Terrell Owens claims he's misquoted in his AUTObiography.
  • Coach Arena has had enough, and will not return as USA soccer coach.
  • Brett Myers is set to return to the Phils in San Fran.
  • Chris Bosh inks a three year deal with the Raptors.
  • Discover team member Yaroslav Popovych win the stage at the Tour de France, while American Floyd Landis continues to wear the yellow shirt.
  • Surprise, surprise: Mark Prior is on the disabled list. Could Kerry Wood be far behind?
  • Don Banks has some big questions in regards to the AFC-North.
  • Three Italian soccer teams punished for role in scandal.
  • Jon Heyman keeps up with the Phillies upcoming fire sale, as the White Sox heat up the pitching market.
  • Despite near death experience, Ben Roethlisberger will not do safety helmet ads.
  • The Baltimore Orioles have to fix their bobblehead mishap.
  • Finally, please pay attention to what is occurring in the Middle East, as it directly affects America. We should always stand with the forces that combat terrorism, and pray for the terrorist eventual extermination from this planet.