Thursday, August 31, 2006

NFL Preseason: Giants 31, Patriots 23

Talk about your perfect tune up game heading into the regular season. Big Blue had their way with the Patriots tonight, and had some fun along the way. The Giants have now finished the preseason 4-0. Obviously the record is meaningless, but for what its worth, the last time the Giants finished undefeated they won the Superbowl.
Some thoughts on the game:
Brandon Jacobs: As Darth Vader said about Luke in "Empire Strikes Back"....most impressive. He barrelled his way through the Patriots defense. Jacobs had a total of 130 yards, but at least 50 yards came after first contact. For someone that is the size of Michael Strahan, he is as nimble as Tiki Barber. If this can carry through into the regular season, then the Giants will have some real thunder and lightning.
Mathias Kiwanuka: Kiwanuka had the only interception which occured after tipping the ball in the air and then making the athletic move to catch his own tip. This kid impressed everyone through out training camp, and could find himself with a lot of playing time in the season. He's so athletic that the Giants may use him in a 3-4 defense as an outside linebacker...similar to a Pat Swilling or a John Abraham.
Michael Jennings: Jennings, a small, slender, but speedy wide reciever may have cost Willie Ponder his job. Its not that Ponder didn't play well tonight, but Jennings continued his gutsy play with a big gain on an end-around. If Jennings makes the team, Disney should think about making a movie about this guy (ie Invincible). He came in undrafted after being cut previously by four teams.
Tim Hasselbeck & Jared Lorenzen: With any luck, the only playing time these guys get in the season will be in a blow out...taking a knee. But tonight they let it air out. Lorenzen, who is the size of a lineman, was 10 for 15, with 116 yards. Hasselbeck only threw two passes but they were both caught, and one for a touchdown.
When Lorenzen was a junior at Kentucky, he was selected to the S.E.C's second all-american team. He finished second to Eli Manning. If Manning goes down during the season, the Giants may have some nice security behind him.
Now the Giants are set to prepare for the Manning Bowl. 10 days to go. Bring it on!