Monday, August 21, 2006

Tom Glavine in Doubt: What They're Saying [J. Mark English]

"Hopefully after he shows that he's going to be OK, he'll be able to come back and be able to help us as we move through September and hopefully beyond September..." - Omar Minaya
"Guys are going out there, stepped up and pitched some big games here lately. That's part of being a championship team..." - Billy Wagner
"For me it kept getting worse and worse...which meant that it was getting colder and colder every time I pitched, until I finally had to stop." - David Cone
"Oh, I don't wish (an angiogram) on anyone...That's probably one of the worst feelings I ever had, sitting there with that dye going through your body." - Roberto Hernandez
“You almost expect this kind of stuff. I've been through it many, many times, and you learn to react on the fly and keep your wits about you...It's always a challenge in a lot of ways to get through these kind of things.” - Willie Randolph
"I don't have any pain anywhere or anything like that. I have something going on inside my shoulder that needs to be looked at. It's a strange situation." - Tom Glavine