Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Jose-O-Lay-O-Lay-O-Lay" [J. Mark English]

From Jayson Stark:

At least Green is coordinated enough to sing the hottest song in Queensthese days -- the old "Jose-O-Lay-O-Lay-O-Lay" song that reverberates around Shea Stadium just about any time Reyes does anything more intricate thanhopping out of the dugout.
Now it's hard to walk more than three feet in any direction at Shea withoutrunning into somebody singing it, for no particular reason.
"I find myself singing it -- a lot," said Floyd. "You know how you go outsometimes, you go places and you hear it all the time? It just gets in yourhead, man. The only thing is, some people sing it wrong. It's not,'Jose-Jo-Say-Jo-Say-Jose,' you know. I just figured that out about a weekago."