Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mets Lose, 4-2, Backs Against Wall, Coming Home to Shea [J. Mark English]

Well the last time there was a game six at Shea, the unthinkable occured. Bill Buckner anyone?
Mets lost tonight, and should be more then happy to leave the sea of red, and the swirling white. Those fans in St. Louis sure were loud, and a little too nice, and just too perky.
Come back home Mets to New York. Its cold, dark, and damp. And we're waiting for you.
Tom Glavine was not the Glavine of the previous two games, and now the Mets are in a hole, in which the only way out is to win.
Lots of anti-acids will be needed tomorrow. Some stress relievers, and maalox. Whatever it takes.
A moment of inspiration comes to mind...Herb Brooks addressing the U.S. Hockey team in 1980:
After that "miracle game", they still had one more game to win before they could take home the gold. They had to beat Finland. Herb Brooks came into the locker room beforehand, and said, "If you lose this game, you will take it to your f**king grave." Then he turned and walked almost all the way out, before turning around and saying again, "To your f**king grave."