Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"Put It In the Books": Mets Take Game One [J. Mark English]

As Howie Rose likes to say on WFAN, the Mets have put game on in the books, and have taken game one in the best of five series against the Dodgers in the NLDS. Final Score: Mets 6, Dodgers 5.
Hours ago, Met fans were in serious doubt as to how Mets starter John Maine would perform. As Matt Cerrone pointed out before the game -- Earlier this season, Maine worked five innings against the Dodgers, allowing four runs on six hits in a loss....
But instead Maine worked 4 1/3 innings, allowing only one run before giving way to the bullpen...though they gave the Mets plenty of moments to sweat...they kept the Mets in the game.
If the Mets win this series, John Maine should be given the MVP of this short series. He stepped up in a big Cerrone points out: …i’m so happy for John Maine…kid, you should be proud…i know it’s your job, but it could not have been easy…this was huge…i’d like to give the game ball to you on behalf of every single mets fan, all whom will certainly agree with me…outstanding…just outstanding…
Carlos Delgado came up big in his first post season game...he waited a long time for this chance...over 1700 games with out a post season appearance might make him a bit nervous in his first game...but nope, he instead he went 4-5 and was named ESPN's player of the game.
David Wright was solid as well, with two doubles and a few RBI's.
Overall though, what a fun day at Shea. Over 56,000 fans had the chance to see their team execute, and play like they were the best team on the field.
And what a City...another 57,000 or so fans will file into Yankee Stadium. That would be well over 110,000 fans seeing playoff baseball in New York in one day. Does it get much better then this folks? I love New York, and oh I love baseball.
Well onwards and upwards from here Met fans. One down, ten to go.
Oh, and congrats to the Oakland A's on going up two games to none against the Twins earlier today.