Thursday, October 12, 2006

Raise a Slurpee to the White Sox [Jarrett Conner]

Mark mentions the new deal between the Chicago White Sox and Seven Eleven to change the time of their games as part of a sponsor ship deal.

I have a hard time seeing this as a particularly pernicious advance of crass commercialization in the misdst of the love-of-the-game purity that it Major League Baseball.

Indeed, we can imagine a number of worse offenses already in action, altough I'm not particularly troubled by stadium renamings, I find the Verizon calls to the bullpen more annoying, and I remember with some pain a time when the Yankee radio guys had to say something everytime there was a double play (although I can't remember what it was for).

I give Chicago points for its originality but subtract points from seven eleven as I can't imagine it will be a particularly effective campaign.

Although I am craving a slurpee . . .