Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blaming Vick, Fair or Unfair?: [David stiffening]

It is at the point where all I hear about Michael Vick are bad things on top of bad things. We know he is not as accurate as Peyton Manning but he also has NO wide receivers. Forget a #1 receiver and not a #2, he has NONE. All he has is a tight-end, and to good corner can shut down any tight-end.

The man rushes for 166 yards as a QB and his team loses. He throws the ball on the money 5 times during the game at least, and they are dropped. They were not it hit his hands, it would have been a nice catch, NO the ball smacked off the chest of these people who claim they are WR's.

Take last year, Vick throws for 250 plus yards, a few touchdowns but they lose. Vick gets blamed for not using his legs. ARE YOU KIDDING?
The man is probably the most naturally gifted athlete to ever play football, or close to any other sport for that matter. Stop blaming him for a lack of talent around him. He not only single-handily carries this team, he is making Warrick Dunn look like an Pro-Bowler. Watch every time Warrick Dunn takes a hand-off. Two guys follow Vick in case he decides to run. That leaves 2 less people for their pathetic offensive line to try to block. Thus leaving huge holes for Dunn to run through. This leads me to my next point, if they had an offense line who could block something Vick MAY have more of a chance to actually throw the ball. Vick takes 2 steps back and he has 3 defenders in his face.

The point I am making is Vick is a unique quarterback; do not hate him for that. Just watch a few of the games and look at their pathetic offensive line try to block, then watch their pathetic receivers try to catch the ball.