Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Walt "Clyde" Frazier: Bust a Rhyme [J. M ark English]

The Knicks won a game tonight on the road against the Cavs - thanks largely to some sharp shooting from Quentin Richardson.

I watched the game on MSG...of course Walt "Clyde" Frazier provided the color commentary. He is what some might call an artist in using rhymes to describe what is happening on the court. I mean it can be a real hoot to hear what he says. I jotted some of them down:

- "Swishing and dishing along the baseline."
- "Swooping and hooping."
- "Hustle and muscle."
- "Curry with the matador D."
- "The Knicks are playing swiss cheese defense - the Cavs are finding all the holes."
- "Richardson with the good stuff"
- "The Knicks are showing some gusto."
- "The Knicks with the knack tonight."

In the past my favorite was "Ewing...doing."

As for the game, Curry for the second game in a row had over twenty points and over five rebounds. Wow! Not bad for a guy who's heart is sporatic, and for a player that did nothing but regress last year.

They are 5-5 on the road. And are 6-11. Can they perhaps win a few more games at home now?