Monday, November 06, 2006

The Worst Player in the NFL [EdMcGon]

My daughter threw me a curveball question yesterday: Who is the worst player in the NFL?

My first thought was guys like Brett Favre, who have played past their prime, or Daunte Culpepper, who came back from injury too soon. But if you dig really deep, you can find worse players than these two. For example:

QB Joey Harrington: Don't read too much into him beating the Bears yesterday. Sure he had three touchdown passes, but they were all "short field" touchdowns. Even with those stats, his QB Rating is still lower than Culpepper's (77.0 to 64.6). The only two quarterbacks rated lower are Vince Young and Andrew Walter, both first year starters.

RB Ron Dayne: What can you say about a running back who cannot even start for Denver? How about the added insult of not being able to maintain the starting RB job in Houston? With 3.0 yards/carry and no touchdowns, Dayne is fully capable of keeping the bench warm.

WR Alvis Whitted: Only the Raiders would still employ this guy. While Whitted is one of the fastest players in the NFL, he also has hands like bricks. Backup Ronald Curry has more catches than Whitted (14 to 10).

OLT Robert Gallery: Speaking of the Raiders, how can we forget the offensive lineman who is looking more like Tony Mandarich than Tony Boselli? Actually, comparing Gallery to Mandarich is an insult to Mandarich. If the Raiders put a sack of potatoes on the field, it would slow down pass rushers more.

LB LaVar Arrington: Even though he is on injured reserve now, he was clearly nothing special before his injury. In six games played, he managed 14 tackles and 1 sack. There may be worse linebackers, but no one is more overrated.

I would have to pick Ron Dayne as the worst of the worst. In his prime, he was mediocre. Now he is just pathetic.