Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Your Daily Fix 11.14.06 [J. Mark English]

  • Mets say good bye to Manny Acta, and he says hello to the Washington Nationals, as he will be their new skipper. (I wonder how much his living in the same buidling that Cory Lidle's plane crashed into went into his wanting to get out of NYC.)
  • Brandon Webb of the Arizona Diamondbacks edges out Hoffman for the NL Cy Young Award.
  • The Diamonbacks may not be the only MLB team in Arizona if the reports are true that the Los Angeles Dodgers may cross over the boarder, and say so long to Dodgertown.
  • The Oakland A's are looking to move to Fremont, and Cisco will be help cover the bills.
  • The Mets re-signs El Duque.
  • Bobby Knight: "I'm sure there were some cases where I have been wrong but [Monday night] wasn't one of them," Knight said Tuesday. "I was trying to help a kid and I think I did." - - As long as the school's team is doing well, nothing should come of this...Why get rid of the guy who is the only reason why your school's team is doing well.
  • Bowden resigned from FSU. Nope, not Bobby Bowden, but his son (how many does he have?) Jeff Bowden.
  • The Miami Hurricanes, and family say a tearful goodbye to the slain Bryan Pata.
  • The Redskins have finally abandoned Brunell, in will start Campbell in his place.
  • Steelers' Polamalu may play despite suffering from a sixth concussion. You'd think the hair would protect his head...
  • Don't look now, but could the New York Jets be post season bound?
  • Buffalo Sabres are a perfect 10-0 on the road this season.
  • Greg Norman says that the Australian Open could be his last.
  • Finally, ever hear of "Duck on a Rock"? This could be the childhood version of basketball: Such are the revelations contained in a newly unearthed trove of personal documents, photographs and mementos from basketball's founder, James Naismith.