Saturday, December 23, 2006

Iverson Performs Well in Nuggets Debut [David Stefanini]

Allen Iverson looked good in his debut with the Nuggets. Iverson racked up 10 assists to go along with 22 points. Though the Nuggets lost the game 101-96 to the Sacramento Kings, the bigger picture is Iverson finding his role with this team. Tonight he did that to perfection, handing out 10 assists. When this team is at full strength Iverson is going to be playing the point guard position; that means he has to get everyone involved. In his debut Iverson seemed to be doing that pretty well.

Other than Iverson looking good, the Denver Nuggets’ fans gave him a 1 minute standing ovation before ever setting foot onto the court. Watching the game was amazing, I never saw someone get applauded like this before they even played for their team. It just goes to show how ready and willing Denver is to embrace 2 All-Stars (1 of them a sure Hall of Famer).

The Nuggets are going to be a tough team when Carmelo gets back and they are going to be even tougher in the playoffs. They now have two guys who can single handily win a couple of games in the playoffs, and if they find a way to get along and share the ball, they will be the favorites to get to the Finals.

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