Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lakers are Playing the Rockets AND Refs [David Stefanini]

I am watching the Lakers and Rockets game right now. I find this game absolutely hilarious. The refs are trying to give the Rockets the game, literally. Yao Ming CLEARLY goal tends a shot taken by Luke Walton, but it's called a clean block. The shot would have all but iced the game. Before all this Kobe is getting knocked around like a pinball and the refs see nothing wrong. However breathing on Yao Ming is a foul. Then close to the end with 59 seconds left the Rockets foul Kwame Brown on purpose. Under 2 minutes it's 1 free-throw and the ball. The refs try ignoring the call. It takes them 2 minutes and the entire Lakers team pointing to the rule book before they let Kobe take a free-throw.

Then comes the last play of the game. Kobe takes a shot, misses, the rebound is grabbed by Luthor Head, who stupidly goes to dribble up court instead of calling a time-out. They end up taking a time-out with 1 second left. I look at the clock and the refs give them 3.4 seconds. I am watching the same game that everyone else is watching?

One more time, in overtime with 3:30 left with the Lakers down by 2, Kwame Brown was just called for a traveling because he fell with the ball. The fact that Yao Ming threw him to the floor I guess doesn't really matter. Hopefully David Stern won't fine me for this.

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