Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Eric Mangini: Real Class [J. Mark English]

In an earlier post I questioned the class of a person who calls himself 'classy'. The New York Jets are fortunate to have a coach who truly is classy. Eric Mangini, is young, intelligent, and full of gratitude, humilty, and certitude. He also has shown the ability and drive to win. The Jets are lucky to have him. Peter King wrote this recently:

I think what Eric Mangini did the other day was a decent thing. He opened his postseason press conference by looking out at the writers who'd covered him all season and saying: "I want to thank all of you guys. I know it's been a long season for you. I appreciate your patience with me. I know I haven't been Don Rickles in here. I'm trying. I think I made some progress. I'll continue to try to make progress. I think the things that you guys do is extremely important. You're the conduit to the fans. I just appreciate your patience with me and your understanding and your support throughout the course of the season.''

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