Thursday, January 25, 2007

Your Daily Fix 1.25.07 [J. Mark English]

  • Mets manager, Willie Randolph, has brought magic back to Shea Stadium. Now the Mets will reward him with a three year contract renewal, that will pay him out $5.45 million a year. This easily puts into the top ten paid managers of all baseball. Congrats Willie, man you deserve it.
  • If you didn't watch, and chances are, most of you didn't, the Western All Stars defeated the Eastern All Stars by the score of 12-9, in the NHL All Star game. Must have been a real defensive struggle...either that or the "all star" goalies were all unavailable.
  • A Shaq-less, and Wade-less Miami Heat reeled off 27 straight points against the Knicks Monday night. Last night, when the two finally returned to the lineup, they lost in overtime to the Pacers. Go figure.
  • The Phoenix Suns extended their winning streak last night, by taking care of the Knicks at the Garden. With their 15th win in a row, they have become one of only five teams in the history of the NBA to have two streaks of 14 wins or more in a single season. As impressive as the team may be, they're is not a chance in hell that they will make it to the NBA finals. They have no inside game whatsoever, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Eddie Curry of the Knicks was having his way with them last night in the first half. They simply are too small to guard anyone like Tim Duncan, or some of the other big guys that are in the West. Enjoy them in the regular season folks, you won't see much of them in the playoffs.
  • To give the Suns their due though, make sure to check out Liz Robbins piece yesterday from the New York Times. A great article about a team that is averaging just shy of 112 points a game.
  • Roger Federer destroys Andy Roddick in the Australian Open. He'll play in his seventh consecutive grand slam title. Maria Sharapova will face off against Serena Williams in the final.
  • Theres a report out that Reggie Bush may be caught on tape excepting gifts and cash while playing for USC. He may not be doing any more back flips for awhile...
  • As the PGA season begins, Tiger Woods will be looking to win his seventh straight tournament.
  • For the first time in more then a few years, penalties were down by 20% in the NFL.
  • In figure skating, 17 year old American Kimmie Meissner, fresh off winning the World Championship, will now seek to win a National Title.
  • Finally, John Henry, owner of the Boston Red Sox, will be looking to try his hand in NASCAR.

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