Thursday, March 01, 2007

Broncos Trade Tatum Bell for Dre Bly [David Stefanini]

The Detroit Lions and Denver Broncos have agreed on a trade that sends Broncos RB Tatum Bell, tackle George Foster and a late round draft pick for Lions CB Dre Bly.

This trade is great for the Broncos. Dre Bly is a straight up play-maker. Watching the Lions' defense last season was to watch Bly playing defense and then 10 people running around with no clue as to what they are supposed to be doing. When opposing teams go up against the Broncos this season, they have to face the best CB in the league, Champ Bailey, and on now on the other side highly explosive CB Dre Bly.

They had to give up highly talented RB Tatum Bell but we all know the Broncos could stick me in the backfield and I would have a very productive year. Year after year someone steps in up their running game; so when they trade away a RB you can be sure they have plenty of people who can step in and fill the void. Finding a great RB is not nearly as difficult as finding a great CB in the NFL. That is why the Broncos made the trade a few years ago for Champ Bailey giving up Clinton Portis. That deal worked out great for them, and this one will to.

The Broncos need to have their defense step up the season to help Jay Cutler's development. They are a very talented team, who many thought would be a Super Bowl contender at the beginning of last season. Going into this season they will once again be named among the contenders in the AFC. Maybe the addition of Bly will give them talent they need in the secondary to cover those Indianapolis Colts' Wide Receivers.

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