Friday, March 30, 2007

Kevin Durant Gets 70 of 72 Votes for AP Player of the Year [David Stefanini]

Texas phenom Kevin Durant became the first freshman to ever win the AP Player of the Year award. Out of the possible 72 votes, Durant received 70 of them. For some reason Alando Tucker got two votes. That statement is not putting Tucker down, it is giving Durant his due credit.
Durant did everything humanly possible this season; just listen to his stats:
- He shot 47% from the field.
- He shot 40% from 3 point range.
- He scored nearly 26 ppg.
- He grabbed over 11 rebounds per game.
- He shot 82% from the free-throw line.
There is no doubt in my mind Durant should be the #1 pick in the NBA Draft. There is nothing he can not do on the court. Many people feel Greg Oden should be the first pick, but Oden needs a lot of work on his offensive game. Durant can come in and instantly contribute to a team. Oden is going to need a year or two to fully contribute to a team.

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