Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Kobe Unfairly Suspended Again [David Stefanini]

Lakers Guard, Kobe Bryant, has once again been suspended one game for accidentally making contact with T'Wolves guard Marko Jaric. This is the second time Kobe has been fouled, without getting the whistle blown, thrown his arms up (like all NBA players do after a foul) and made contact with someone. This is the second time he has been suspended for this action.

Can someone please explain to me how Kobe gets suspended for this and LeBron James is allowed to nearly decapitate Dwyane Wade and not so much as hint of any kind of penalty is mentioned? LeBron's foul was 5x harder than Kobe's incidents put together. This a call the NBA must of said, we suspended him last time we have to do it again, but if you are not named Kobe this action is allowed.

If these 'incidental contacts' are worthy of suspension imagine how many games Reggie Miller would have missed due to kicking someone. Every time there was someone within arms distance of Reggie he would throw out his legs and trip the guy, after shooting his jump-shot.

I just do not understand why the NBA feels it has to suspend Kobe when HE is fouled, and reacts to it by moving his arms.

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