Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bonds Continues Chase of Aaron [David Stefanini]

Tonight is Opening Day for the San Francisco Giants. That can mean only one thing; Barry Bonds will resume his chase for baseball immortality. Say what you want about Bonds and how he is a cheater, but also say he is only 22 home runs away from being the best to ever play the game.

I do not doubt Bonds has taken steroids because he probably has, however so have hundreds of other players, but are they hitting 70 home runs a season, no. There have been numerous pitchers to be caught taking steroids also, so the pitchers have been gaining an unfair advantage also.

Bonds has tremendous talent and there is no denying that. He has the best eye in the game, which explains the unbelievable walk to strikeout ratio he has. For his career Bonds has nearly 1,000 more walks than strikeouts. That is a stat in which words can not explain how incredible it truly is.

So before you go out today hating Barry Bonds remember, he has unparalleled talent and is more than likely going to get the record. When he does get it, there will be no * next to his name, or anything like that. It is time to accept what has happened to him. He will not get kicked out of baseball for purgery or anything like that. Hating Barry Bonds will only prohibit you from watching and appreciating baseball history.

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