Sunday, April 01, 2007

Borrowed Quotes [Chrissy]

Bill Lyon's take on the upcoming tease that is the Phillies season:

"Their total of world championship rings is one fewer than two. That's fewer than the Boston Red Sox (who actually have won six Series), and fewer even than the Chicago Cubs (whose rings came in 1907 and 1908). Yet these two teams have been the two most celebrated of the frustrated. Those two franchises have been portrayed, ad nauseam, sympathetically, even heroically. The Phils have been accorded no such gentle, forgiving sentiment.

And yet, I confess, the Fightin's have a way of seducing you. The people keep coming back for more. For all the civic slurs, for all the unsavory things said of the Philadelphia fans, also say this: They could teach loyalty to a dog. Their capacity for pain is without limit."

The above quote is courtesy of Chris Mari's aim profile. He is a strong supporter of Philly sports and also is a karaoke extraordinaire. He also lists the following stats:

23 plus years, 91 seasons without a parade
the odds of this happening: 50,700 to 1

Where else but Philadelphia?

But hey, if the Red Sox won the world series, I think we are next for a championship.

This article from Wikipedia talks about the William Penn curse really well, I suggest checking it out.

And a word about the tournament....Villanova may have lost in the first round, but Joaquim Noah will be ugly forever. (taken and adapted from a group on Facebook)

That's enough borrowing ideas for one next post will be all original, I promise.

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