Monday, April 16, 2007

Laker's Clinch, Kobe Plays Like MVP [David Stefanini]

Ok so this is getting old:

Kobe Bryant scored 50 points, 28 in the 2nd half, tonight against the Seattle Sonics and leds the Lakers to a playoff clinching win.

It is highly unlikely that Kobe will win the MVP Award, but is anyone more deserving? Sure, Dirk Nowitzski is the best player on a team with 65+ wins and yes it's true Steve Nash is having a better season this season than his previous 2 MVP years. But think about what Kobe has accomplished this year. This marks the 10th game he has scored 50 points. Remember last year when he was scoring, he was taking 40 shots and not getting his team involved, however this time it's totally different. Kobe hit 18 of only 25 shots and was looking to help his teammates throughout the game.

We already know he is the best scorer in the league but what is typically overlooked is how he brings something that Dirk and Nash can only dream about, defense. Nash can not play an ounce of defense and Dirk isn't exactly known for his defensive presence. Whereas Kobe is a defensive stopper, 1-1 he can shut down most players in the league. If the Lakers lost Kobe they would score roughly 40 points a game and mine as well not show up in the gym.

Kobe's the best player in the league and I am hearing talk of G.O.A.T. I wouldn't say he is better than Jordan, but at this pace who knows what we will consider him in 2-3 years. Shouldn't someone who is being mentioned in the same breathe as Jordan be the MVP? Someone who goes out and wins games by himself be the MVP? Someone who had his reputation spit on and ruined and managed to turn it back around to new uncharted highs be the MVP? Someone who led his team to the playoffs be the MVP? Shouldn't someone who is simply the best player in the game be the MVP?

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