Monday, April 02, 2007

Mets and Yanks Win Opener [David Stefanini]

The New York Mets and New York Yankees start the 2007 MLB season with a win. Not like it matters at all, we still have close to 3 million games to play before any of this counts, but for now Mets and Yankee fans can say their teams looked great in the opener.

The one thing that actually does matter in either of these games is the fact that A-Rod came through late for the Yanks. With the score tied going into the 7th, A-Rod got a hit, stole second base, and scored the go ahead run. Then in the 8th inning with the Yanks up 2, A-Rod hit a 2-run homer.

I feel A-Rod is going to be this years AL MVP. Last season he had a miserable year; he hit 35 HR with 121 RBI, all while batting .290.

If A-Rod can improve a little from that miserable year last season, he will get the MVP award.

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