Thursday, April 19, 2007

New York Mets: So Much for Diminishing Returns [J. Mark English]

In years past, if the New York Mets managed to muster more then ten runs in a game, that would be usually followed up by a few goose eggs just to even things out.

This year however, their offense has been on cruise control, and their speed has been in high gear. In their ten victories (I'm assuming they will hold on to beat the Marlins tonight) they have averaged a healthy 6.7 runs a game. There team batting average is a shade above .300. And in their most recent winning streak they have score runs of 8, 9, 11 consecutively.

There Expected Won-Loss record is 11-3, despite their record of being 10-4. The X W-L record is based on runs scored and runs allowed using the formula: RS^1.82/((RS^1.82)+(RA^1.82)) Should the Mets continue to score on this blazing pace they should be in very good shape come the end of September.

If there is a such a thing as diminishing returns, the Met offense has yet to feel the affect. Hopefully, for Met fans, this will continue...