Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ohio State, Florida Make up National Title Game [David Stefanini]

Ohio State beat Georgetown 67-60, and Florida knocked off UCLA 76-66.

That means, Ohio State and Florida are going to play for the National Championship. Where did I hear that before? Oh yes, they played in the BCS Title Game this year.

The Georgetown, Ohio State game was set up to be an epic battle between two true 7 footers; it just never happened. Within the first minute of the game, Greg Oden and Roy Hibbert each picked up their first foul. Then a minute or two later, Oden picked up his second. In the second half it was Hibbert who got into foul trouble. The game never lived up to the hype. Ohio State was ahead throughout the game, and looked every bit as dominant as they have throughout the season.

The Florida, UCLA game was much of the same. It was suppossed to be a classic showdown of last years championship game. Once again, foul trouble got in the way, preventing Arron Afflalo from being the player he is. UCLA was in a, "don't get blown out mode" throughout the first half. Then in the second half, the talent of Florida became to much for UCLA to handle, and the Gators pulled away.

I found the crowd to be a big disappointment also. It seemed they had no energy. I think the early fouls called in both games took the crowd right out of it.

One final thing about the games last night, can we please get new announcers? Ever time they opened their mouths they were saying how great Oden is, or where Oden should be, or how Oden looks great scoring 0 points, or what Oden had for breakfast that mourning. In the Florida, UCLA game I heard Oden's name at least 5 times. He was not the best college player this year, he wasn't even the best freshman this year, and he certainly is not his team's best player. Can someone explain to me how a freshman who can't stay out of foul trouble, has little offensive game, but blocks a few shots here and there is this great phenom we have to hear about every two seconds? I know the talent is there but give us a break from hearing his name. I can't wait to listen to the Championship game.

Where would I rank this Final Four; let's just say nowhere near the top. I felt it was a lack-luster Final Four with more disappointing moments than memorable moments. Hopefully the National Championship Game will be better, but I don't see it that way. Oden will get into foul trouble (so what else is new) and the depth and talent of Florida will prevail allowing them to run away with the game in the 2nd half to become the first back-to-back National Champions since Duke did it in the early 90's.

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