Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech: Putting Tragedy into Words [J. Mark English]

As we continue to pray for the victims of yesterday's terrible calamity at Virginia Tech, I have managed to find some of the best words from others to conjure up the feelings being felt at this time:
In such times as this, we look for sources of strength to sustain us. And in this moment of loss, you're finding these sources everywhere around you. These sources of strength are in this community, this college community. You have a compassionate and resilient community here at Virginia Tech. Even as yesterday's events were still unfolding, members of this community found each other; you came together in dorm rooms and dining halls and on blogs. One recent graduate wrote this: "I don't know most of you guys, but we're all Hokies, which means we're family. To all of you who are okay, I'm happy for that. For those of you who are in pain or have lost someone close to you, I'm sure you can call on anyone of us and have help any time you need it." - President George W. Bush
I woke up. I turned on the TV. That's when your heart kind of skips a beat a little bit. But then right away I talked to my little brother. He let me know he talked to my mother, and my mother said everything is okay....He's obviously shaken up...I briefly spoke to my brother. It's tough to get ahold of him because all the cell phones, with the usage, it's tough to get through. I just tried to be brief. He's trying to call and make sure with his friends everybody he thought might be there is okay. - David Wright, who's brother is a senior at Virginia Tech.
I'm numb...This is sickening...It's all been just a blur...All of those kids just sitting in their classrooms, doing what they're supposed to be doing...Seeing the parents coming onto campus now to identify their children ... it's just devastating. - Seth Greenberg, head coach of the Virginia Tech basketball team. His daughter is a freshman.
Derek really enjoyed the experience and the school. That tragedy...it breaks your heart. It's a wonderful campus, and they've got a great administration over there. Boy, that's something that tears you apart when you hear about that situation. - Lou Piniella, who's son played football at Virginia Tech for three years.
How could one person cause so many senseless deaths? I'm in shock...It's hard to say how this will impact our community or our team. What I know is that one person has affected at least 22 families and countless friends. And it's senseless. All so senseless... - Frank Beamer, head coach of Virginia Tech football team.

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