Thursday, May 03, 2007

Are You Ready? [David Stefanini]

Here it is ladies and gentleman, the game the Golden State Warriors have been waiting for, for 11 years. Tonight at home the Golden State Warriors can complete the biggest upset in the history of playoff basketball. If they can do it tonight it will be their first series win in 11 years.

As I am writing this the Warriors have already kicked it up into high gear. After giving up a 3 point shot on the opening possession the Warriors have gone on a 7-0 run. The crowd is alive and proving to be the best home court in these playoffs.

This is going to be a very well played game. I want the Warriors to win because I despise the Dallas Mavericks. I think the team, like the owner, are nothing more than cry babies who complain about anything and everything. Since my Lakers were eliminated last night it is time for me to find a new team. As I am concluding this post, Baron Davis throws a half court pass to a wide-open Jason Richardson for an explosive dunk. The crowd goes crazy and the Warriors take a 10-3 lead.


---Call me a front runner, but I enjoy watching them---

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