Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hancock's Accident Prior To The Accident [A.J. Cordi]

The Associated Press reported today that deceased St. Louis Cardinals' pitcher Josh Hancock was in a car accident just three days before the one that took his life. AP Press Writer Jim Suhr wrote:

"Just three days before his death in a freeway wreck, the sport utility vehicle of Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock was clipped by a semi rig in what police said could have been a far more serious accident.

Officers who talked with Hancock moments after the predawn crash last Thursday in Sauget — a St. Louis suburb known for factories and strip clubs — found the 29-year-old reliever lucid and not under the influence of alcohol, Police Chief Patrick Delaney said Tuesday.

No sobriety or breath tests were given to Hancock, and no tickets were issued, according to Delaney."

Hancock apparently told another officer that he would drive his car after a Cardinals' night game to help make him tired, making it easier to rest and prepare for a day game the next day.

Delaney remembered Hancock telling him that he "hated to play day games after a night game."

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