Friday, May 18, 2007

Unfair Comparison [David Stefanini]

I was watching Sportscenter today and got infuriated at one of the points being stressed. They were doing a special on Brett Favre and Roger Clemens. The person speaking was saying how Clemens and Farve are very much alike, and pointed out similarities between the two of them. That is disrespectful to Brett Farve.

Farve is the definition of an 'iron man'. Clemens is the definition of an embarrassment to sports. Clemens does not have to travel with the team, he starts the season late, and he is a "part-time player". Farve goes out their every single day and has had the ball in his hand every play the Green Bay Packers have had over the past 10+ seasons. He is loyal to his team and will always be loved by Packer fans. Clemens goes where the money is. If the Red Soxs offered him 28.1 million, then he would go there. He has no concept of loyalty or appreciation of the game in which he plays.

The speaker on Sportscenter who made the comparison between these two athletes should come out and make it clear he is not trying to compare these two. They are both two of the very best at their respected positions, but that is where the similarities stop.

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