Thursday, June 07, 2007

Spurs Win Game 1: 85-76 [David Stefanini]

Well here is something I didn't expect to say; the Cavs played well, but LeBron did not. I can not understand how badly LeBron played. He was terribly off, missing shots, and making bad decisions.

The only good thing that can come out of this game for the Cavs is this; LeBron will play better. When LeBron plays better the Cavs will have a chance to win the game.

Let me not take away credit from the Spurs. They played great basketball and looked unstoppable like they always do. One last thing I want to mention. Love or hate Bruce Bowen, but man that guy can play defense.

**End of the 3rd Quarter**

And the game is over... unless LeBron can turn it on. The Spurs finally played like the champions they are, and the Cavs had a rude wake up call.

I have said this throughout, the Cavs have zero chance of winning any game this series unless LeBron James can play unbelievable basketball. Also where has Daniel Gibson gone? He was all over the place in the first half, but now he is nowhere to be found.

I am calling this game over. Time of death: 11:02 pm.

**End of 1st Half**

Well the Spurs are still rolling and LeBron is still not playing. And the Cavs are only down by 5 points. If the Spurs don't turn on the jets soon the Cavs are going to leap in front of them.

LeBron is going to have to turn it around if the Cavs have any chance to win. It is nice that they are still in the game, but it is due to poor playing on part of the Spurs. After a while this Spurs team will get going and the only hope for Cleveland is to LeBron to play out of his mind.

**End of the 1st quarter**

Well the Spurs are playing unbelievable basketball, and the Cavs can not get LeBron going. But here is the interesting stats, the Cavs are only down by 5.

If you were to tell Mike Brown, coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, that LeBron James would be held to zero field goals, 2 points, and the Spurs were to play near perfect basketball and you were only down by 5, Brown would have been over joyed.

I am not worried about this game yet, the only thing I am worried about is this; Larry Hughes looks horrible. There is no way he can stay with Tony Parker. Hughes looks to injured, and they now need to count on a rookie in Daniel Gibson.

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