Thursday, June 07, 2007

Its a Hard Court Life [Michael Vinciguerra]

Growing up during my generation of basketball, I had the luxury of watching the great Michael Jordan lead his team to six championships (readers should be able to see where I am going with this). Jordan not only was amazing to watch, but changed the face of basketball and attracted many new fans. Now, I understand Lebron James will never be Jordan and I also understand people are tired of hearing him be compared to Jordan or being called the next Jordan. Lebron James is who his name says he is. However, this man can provide for the younger generation of kids, who missed out on the MJ era and never witnessed him first-hand, an athlete to look up in the same style as Jordan.
Having said that, my predictions for the NBA finals should be obvious. The Cavs are going to win in six games and Lebron James will win the MVP. A superstar of that caliber does not make it to the end and leave it unfinished. However, the Cavs' victory will be by no means an easy one. If Tim Duncan of the Spurs has an off night, he has plenty of support from Parker, with his explosiveness, and Ginobili, with his great three point shooting. I highly doubt if Lebron has an off night, players like Snow and Gibson will back him up in the same way the players on the Spurs back up Duncan. The Cavs' victory will rest solely on Lebron, who will have to perform to his best ability in the same way he performed against the Pistons. This calls for fade away shots over Duncan, driving the lane when left single covered, or pretending to drive when double covered and passing it out to someone left open to shoot. Therefore, theoretically speaking, defending the Cavs is impossible. If you single cover Lebron you're screwed and if you double cover him, then he'll go to drive but kick it out to someone open. Anyway, this will be the most exciting NBA Championship to watch in years.

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