Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rafael Nadal Topples Roger Federer [David Stefanini]

Rafael Nadal proves once again he is the only person who stands in the way of Roger Federer and complete domination.

Nadal defeated Federer in today's French Open. It is the third straight year Nadal has won the French Open, and the second year in a row he stopped Federer from completing a career Grand Slam. These two are quickly becoming legends in the sport of tennis. They are far superior to anyone else in the sport.

Rafael Nadal remains the only person who is capable of beating Federer. The problem I find is this: Nadal doesn't play his own game, he plays the game of his competition. What I mean by that is Nadal can beat the top rated player in the world most of the time (he has a 8-4 head to head record again Federer) but vs the rest of the world he is just good. Whereas Federer has struggled against Nadal, but against the rest of the world he is far superior.

Whatever the story may be these two are the best in their sport. Nadal has come out on top this time, but Federer will remain the top player in the world. The on;y possible way Federer will lose his number 1 ranking is if Nadal puts together a winning streak that Federer did in 2005, winning 35 straight matches. If he can do that then we will see a changing of the guard at number one. But I wouldn't hold my breathe for that to happen.

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