Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ricky Hatton Wants Mayweather Jr. [David Stefanini]

Ricky Hatton wants a showdown with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I was watching the fight between Hatton and Jose Luis Castillo. I instantly became a believer in Hatton. I think he deserves a fight with Mayweather. Hatton has the pure punching power that is needed to knock the smirk off Mayweathers face.

What other opinions are on the table for Floyd? The only thing I see out there for him is a rematch with Oscar De La Hoya. It is highly likely at some point there will be a rematch, but if it does not happen soon the inner circle of boxing is going to be asking for Hatton vs Mayweather.

Hatton has a chance to do what De La Hoya could not do; hurt Mayweather. I feel Mayweather will try to run away from Hatton and box around him. The only problem with that is, Hatton makes every fight his. I do not think Mayweather has the chin to stand up Hatton. Hopefully we will see this match in the near future.

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