Saturday, August 25, 2007

Backing Up Mark English [David Stefanini]

Before I say anything I want everyone to know I love dogs and I own a dog. I have a Black Lab who I love and will do anything for. Now that I said that let me begin.

I have to agree with Mark English's most recent post.

How many of us have gone to a racetrack and bet on a horse race? Is that not participating in an event similar to dogfighting. As Mark English says:

"What of horses? Surely, are not horses are just as a part of our human existence as dogs? Yet, we look down on those who participate in grey hound racing, while we cheer the horses used in the Derby racing. To make things worse, horses that are injured because we raced them, are euthanized, many times right on the race track."

Mark English also brings up the sport of hunting. "White" America has dictated for years that hunting deer is a sport. Why is that considered morally just, but dogfighting isn't? I used to go hunting every year with my father and what did we do? We go into the deer's environment, try to lure them out, and put a bullet in them. Then we bring it to the butcher and have him cut it up than take it home as dinner for my family. Why is that better than dogfighting? One could argue, well at least you don't torture the deer. But is that statement accurate? No one has a perfect shot. If you shoot and hit the deer, but not in the correct spot, the deer jumps in pain and runs off. One time it happened to my father. He hit the deer but caught it closer to its behind. It took us roughly 5-10 minutes to find the deer. When we got finally found it; the deer was in so much pain, bleeding out that my father had to shoot it again to put it out of its misery. From that point on, I told myself I will not go hunting again.

Why should that be fine to do, but what Michael Vick did ends his career, and sends him behind bars with people who killed humans?

I am not saying dogfighting is a good thing, and personally think it should be illegal. I think we have to change the way we look at other events, such as hunting and horse racing if we are going to say dogfighting is bad.

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