Sunday, August 26, 2007

Boston Beats Up on White Soxs [David Stefanini]

The Boston Red Soxs annihilated the Chicago White Soxs in their four game set. Boston scored 10 runs or more in every game, while never giving up more than 3.

To complete their four game sweep of Chicago, Boston won today's game 11-1. The final total for this four game series looks something like this.

Wins: 4 - 0 favor of Boston.
Runs: 46 - 7 in favor of Boston.
Run Differential: 39 in favor of Boston.

The reason I point this out is because while the Yanks have been playing sub-par teams and have been putting up amazing numbers, Boston's once untouchable lead began to shrink. I think Boston put their season on cruise control and forgot who was in their rear view mirror. The past few weeks have woken up this Boston team. After today's win and the Yanks loss, Boston goes up by 7.5 games. Once again they have the biggest lead of any division in baseball.

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