Friday, August 10, 2007

Football Season Is Among Us! (Review of NFC Teams) [Michael Vinciguerra]

Here is my continuation to my previous article, except now I will review and present my thoughts on the NFC teams.

Cardinals - This team has the potential and players to do very well. Leinart can only get better. James is always a great RB and they have a decent receiving core. If the Cards work on that defense they may be surprisingly good.

Falcons - Simply put, if Vick plays, then the Falcons will never go anywhere. He is a fun player to watch, but no franchise will win with Vick as their QB. If Joey starts, then the Falcons should do very well, especially with the addition of Joe Horn.

Panthers - The Panthers are always a safe bet to obtain at least the Wild Card. Delhomme has proven himself to be an amazing QB, the receiving core is great, and their defense has always been one of top defenses in the NFC.

Bears - Expect the Bears to be unpredictable. Grossman is a very streaky QB, who will throw for 4 TDs one week and then throw 3 INTs the next week. With the loss of Jones, Benson will be expected to carry the load. However, it was their defense which helped win many games last year and that same defense will most likely keep the Bears from losing games again this year.

Cowboys - The Cowboys will win their division simply because the other teams will not be able to keep up. The Cowboys are stacked with good receiving and RBs and Romo is not a terrible QB just because he made the same mistake twice last year which cost the Cowboys to lose both games.

Lions - Nothing impresses me about this team. If anything, I'm impressed at how bad they are. Kitna is a sub-par QB, their running game is non-existent, and Williams has a big mouth on a team that never does well. Now lets talk about their defense. Oh wait, there is none.

Packers - You have to applaud and give Favre tons of credit. He has a lot of heart and he loves this game. Realistically, however, his career has gone down the drain and this team will never go anywhere with Favre as their QB. Their receiving core is excellent, but can Favre keep the Packers in the game with their swiss-cheese defense they are known for?

Vikings - Their QB (Jackson) I am not familiar with and their defense is average., but I can see the Vikings finishing above .500 mostly thanks to the running duo of Taylor and Peterson.

Saints - Watching the Saints' poor performance against the Steelers really depressed me. I expect them to do much better, maybe even win their division. Brees is excellent and their running duo is the best RB duo in the league. But wow, their defense is horrible. Their defense will be their downfall. Teams will score on them every which way if they don't get their act together.

Giants - Whenever I say Manning is my fav. QB, I always have to clarify which Manning I mean. Clearly, we can see where all the talent went in the family. Eli is just as streaky as Grossman. The difference is Eli is much worse. Many of his passes seem to come at random and leaves me wondering what was he thinking. Their running game was already bad, but adding Droughns just made it worse. Shockey needs to shut his mouth and realize he does not contribute much. I would put the Giants in the cellar in their division, but their is actually one more team worse than them.

Eagles - You know what? This whole division makes me angry. I'm sick of the Giants and now I'm sick of the Eagles. McNabb will return and have an amazing first 5 weeks. Then, he will get injured, but this time there will be no amazing Garcia to back him up. Westbrook is always amazing and I must admit their defense is extremely scary. However, they will not be as good as the Cowboys.

49ers - I have been hearing rumors that the 49ers will be the surprise sleeper team this year. I have no idea why. Their entire offense is less than average (with the exception of Gore) and their defense guarantees the opposing team free points.

Seahawks - Finally, an impressive team. After looking at the 49ers depth chart, the Seahawks depth chart reminds me that this is football and not some high school league. Matt is excellent, their receiving core is superb, and Alexander is solid. If the Seahawks work on their defense, they have a shot at the Super Bowl once again.

Rams - Look at that. Another great team. Bruce and Holt have always been great receivers and Bulger and Jackson have proven themselves to be very good. Look for the Rams to earn a spot in the wild card.

Buccaneers - Not a terrible team, but they never do better than I expect. They have the deepest roster of QBs. In fact, Simms, Garcia, and Plummer could be starters on any other team. Williams is an average RB, but this team has been injury prone the past years. If the Bucs can stay healthy, they have a shot at the wild card.

Redskins - I don't know why people, including myself, don't give this team more credit. Portis is a solid RB and Lloyd and Moss are great receivers. Though their QB (Campbell) is terrible, that isn't their main problem. What makes this team so bad is the fact they have the worst defense in all of football.

1. Seahawks
2. Cowboys
3. Chicago
4. Carolina

5. Saints
6. Rams

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