Friday, August 10, 2007

Referees To Use HD [Michael Vinciguerra]

NFL referees will now be reviewing the game in the same fashion that viewers see the game at home. That is, viewers who can watch the game in HD. This better equipment will allow for refs to make better replay decisions.

The greatest impact will come from the crisper images. The difference between standard and high definition is particularly stark for slow motion replays and freeze frames, said Rich Zabel, a vice president at Harris.

All but three stadiums have installed HD and this technology is currently being used in preseason. The New York Teams, Dallas, and Indy will install HD once they open up their new facilities. This will be the first time the NFL has upgraded their technology since 1999 when they first reissued instant replays.

This addition to the NFL should satisfy the fans who constantly scream and curse at their televisions. The percentage of refs making bad calls should decrease and the time it takes for refs to review calls should also diminish. Refs can have all the technology available, but remember, their will always be those out there who will disagree and continue to scream at their TVs.

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