Friday, September 21, 2007

Bloggers React to Mets Decline, Phillies Rise [J. Mark English]

Wow, where did that win come from? It wasn’t a brand new Phillie that provided the spark as I thought, but it was another amazing finish. Jayson Werth’s 3-run blast into the upper deck of left field to bring the Phils within one run was certainly reminiscent of the Russell Branyan shot. More impressive though was the Phillies bullpen which salvaged Kyle Lohse’s pitiful two inning performance as Durbin, Davis, Condrey, Romero (W), Gordon, and Myers (S) combined for seven scoreless. The Phillies now have 47th come-from-behind wins. That is the most in the majors and with 83 wins overall, that means the Phils come-from-behind in more than half their games (57%).

Elsewhere in the National League, the Marlins held off a Met rally to escape with a win in ten innings. As fans were walking out of RFK last night, the concourses erupted when we found out the Fish had tied it in the ninth. I expect there to be even more fans at the stadium this weekend - you can’t beat $5 tickets. Unfortunately the Padres won as the tend to do. Yet the biggest news outside the Phillies big win was the hiring of Ed Wade by Houston to act as their General Manager. Go Phils! - Brian Mitchel, Phillies Nation


…i seriously don’t know if i can take this any more…

…i mean, look, if the Mets are going to be forced to navigate their way through the rest of this season with Billy Wagner missing in action, given how sad the rest of the bullpen has been, well, i’m gonna have to have my inevitable heart attack…i mean, it’s been coming for a long time, and i just assumed i would have one some day anyway, so, i guess this as good of a time as any…because, this is just nuts…it’s crazy…

…so, here we go again…willie will get ripped for how he managed the bullpen, especially in the ninth, as if feliciano has given any reason of late to make one think he’s back to being the pitcher he was at the start of the season…as such, i keep getting e-mails tonight asking, ‘why didn’t willie do this,’ and ‘why didn’t willie do that,’ and, ‘why didn’t he leave in feliciano,’ who had one job, which was to get out Jeremy Hermida, and he couldn’t even do that…why didn’t willie do this or that, well, because he isn’t Nostradamus, folks…he doesn’t have the luxury of hindsight…i guess he just trusted sosa, who came up huge for him just 20 hours earlier…the thing is, it’s not like willie makes decisions assuming every option will fail – even though, at this point, he probably should…seriously, he’s throwing darts out there, or are some of you not watching the same people pitch that i am…these guys had a three-run lead…three runs…these pitchers should be able to protect that…willie may as well just pick names out of hat at this point, especially if wagner cannot pitch…

…the story tonight is not willie, folks…i’m sorry, it isn’t…it’s wagner, and where in the world is he… - Matthew Cerrone, Mets Blog

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