Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Breasts, Exercise, and Bras [J. Mark English]

Guys, do I have your attention? Actually its really the girls who should be paying attention now.

The following story is based on research that was actually, they must have been really bored. Anyway, this is from Women's Health News:

Researcher Dr. Joanna Scurr from Portsmouth University conducted a study on women and found that during exercise a woman's breasts move in three directions, including forwards and back, whereas bras are designed only to stop up and down movement.

Dr. Scurr says an estimated 60 per cent of women suffer breast pain when doing even a gentle form of exercise, and others are embarrassed by the bouncing caused when running.

As a rule bras are designed to stop the bounce but according to the researchers breasts also move side-to-side and in and out.

Biomechanical data of 70 women of varying breast sizes was studied and Dr. Scurr says a "smart fabric" is needed that can provide custom-made support for each woman which would contain movement in the three directions.

The study revealed that during exercise, breasts bounce more than was measured in past studies and size made no difference; whether breasts were an A cup or a double-FF cup the impact was exactly the same whether they were doing a slow jog or a fast sprint.

Dr. Scurr who is a sports scientist, says if women wore the correct form of support, the use of pain medication would be reduced and women would be encouraged to be active and therefore lead healthier lives.

Dr. Scurr says the domination of sports science by men and for men, has made the study of breasts in relation to exercise something of a joke, but for women it is credible and they can see the benefits.

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