Saturday, September 22, 2007

PSU Loses First Of Season [A.J. Cordi]

As I predicted, Penn State lost their first game to Michigan. The score was 14-9 and Penn State didn't score a single touchdown. But predictions aside, this game truly showed the areas that Penn State needs to improve on - mainly their offense.

They held Michigan to just 14 points, which is very impressive against any ranked college team. But in the end, Anthony Morelli needs to complete more than half his passes, the receivers need to work harder on getting open and ready for the pass, and Austin Scott needs to stop fumbling. Needless to say, the offense needs work!

But overall, the team is in good shape. The defense stepped up and did all they could do. This game was their first real challenge of the season, and I believe that there will be better things to come from here on out.

For an article on the game, click here.

For the box score, click here.

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