Monday, September 24, 2007

Ranking the Top 5: NFL Week 3 [David Stefanini]

Well it has been a very long time since I have written for this blog. I'm sorry for that, but school has taken control of my life and won't give me any free time. With that out of the way here is how I see the NFL after Week 3.

1 - New England Patriots: There isn't even a team in the NFL that I can honestly say has a chance of beating them. They are far superior in every aspect, and they are playing undermanned right now. I think they'll finish the regular season at 15-1. They'll lose a game, maybe 2, because of Brady having an off day. But come playoff time he doesn't have bad games, they will walk away with the Super Bowl Ring again this year.

2 - Indianapolis Colts: A very distant 2nd place. They are the Super Bowl champs and are once again a force to be reckoned with. They seem to have figured out how to stop the run, and their offense is led by Peyton Manning. They will make it to the AFC Championship with a record of 14-2, but lose to the Pats.

3 - Dallas Cowboys: This team is for real. The way they handled the Bears on Sunday Night Football showed the rest of the world that they are the team to beat in the NFC. Tony Romo looks superb and Owens is Owens. Get him the ball and good things will happen.

4 - Pittsburgh Steelers: They have been flying under the radar because of the amazing play of the Patriots; but the Steelers have been the 2nd best team in the league so far (using Points Scored vs Points Given Up measurement). They have been blowing teams away using the old fashion Steeler way. Run, run, run, and play defense.

5 - Baltimore Ravens: To me once you get outside of the top 4 the competition goes down, way down. The Ravens, once again, do not have the offense needed to win in the playoffs. They have superstars on defense that will keep them in the game, but McNair can not stay healthy. They will make the playoffs but probably lose in the first or second round.

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