Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lowell Set to Test the Market, A-Rod Looms [Addison Quale]

The Boston Globe is reporting that an hour away from the deadline, Lowell and the Sox still haven't reached a deal. He wants to see if there's a 4 year deal out there for him somewhere. The Sox seem intent on a 3 year deal. It seems a bit reminiscent of perhaps Pedro's departure from the Sox. I believe they offered him a 3 year deal and he spurned it for the Mets' 4 year deal. As great as Pedro was, time has shown that the Sox made the right move there. I think if they were to let go of Lowell by not offering him a 4 year deal, it'd be the right move too. He's a great guy and a very good ballplayer. But 2007 was above his ability it seems. And he ain't getting any younger. If he were to leave, that would open up speculation about A-Rod of course. I wonder what Sox fans would think about having him in Boston. Perhaps ambivalent at best. We like to think that cheering for our team is a moral thing to do. We like to think that our home team truly deserves to win because they're the good guys. And in many instances, this has proven true in the history of sports. Some teams DO kinda deserve to win in light of their character and their opponent's lack thereof. Baseball is a business though. And 54 homers goes a long way to ease misgivings over a 3rd baseman's character. Plus, the lure of being powerful is stronger compared to the lure of being noble. A-Rod to Boston. I don't think I'd be ready for that one.

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