Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Next Time in Dallas [Karol Sheinin]

This is a guest spot from Karol Sheinin of Alarming News. I'll have a response up later tonight:

"You know, what's worse is that you'd met Wellington Mara! And then you go and spit on his legacy by supporting the Cowboys." -Oschisms.

It was a new one. I'd heard that I had betrayed New York, I'd betrayed my family (my brother is a Jets fan) and that I'd broken the hearts of various Redskins and Giants fans who I call friends. But I'd never heard that my choosing the 'Boys as my team was some kind of affront to the legendary Mr. Mara. Oschisms, though, is nothing if not original.

What. A. Game.

I had dressed in layers, just as I was told. Tanktop, thermal, t-shirt, (new Cowboys) sweatshirt, jacket. Tights, socks, pants. I was ready to see Terrell Owens up close. And I was willing to go to New Jersey to make that happen.

Oschisms is a good friend of mine and I didn't remember that he was particularly into football. Turns out his family has had Giants season tickets for something like 50 years. We had such sick seats. 45 yard line, 30 rows in. Perfection. Oh, and he brought me a sandwich. Seriously, perfection.

I was only marginally worried that I would get hassled in my Cowboys gear. Oschisms assured me that the people in his section, also people who were lifetime season ticket holders, were very nice and might only razz me a little. Turns out, I had absolutely no need to worry. There were Cowboys fans everywhere. It was really amazing. Unfortunately, the world's most annoying, drunk, loud Cowboys fans (don't start, no all Cowboys fans are not like that, these two were 22 at most and seemed to have had at least that many beers) were right in front of me. At one point I told Oschisms that I was sad that I had no one to high-five with since the only people within high-fiving distance were these idiots. There were some Cowboys fans not too far away and we'd exchange smiles when the 'Boys did well.

I spent most of the game on T.O. watch, as my photos from the game convey. His smile is even more dazzling in person.

Attending this game made me realize that I had made one mistake in my team selection. I chose a team that plays nowhere near where I live. I had such a good time at the game that it's sort of sad I won't be going to another one for awhile. I loved going to a bunch of Yankee games last spring, it's unfortunate I can't complement that with Cowboys games in the winter.

"I'm not trying to hate any other team, I'm just trying to love the Cowboys"-Me.
"HA! That's practically Communist."-Oschisms.

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