Tuesday, December 04, 2007

2007 Sportsman of the Year?!?!?! [Robert A. George]

Who else?

That spinning head? The hideous shriek? The slashing of wrists and gouging out of eyes?

That would be our own Ed McGonigal.

It would be best to leave Ed alone right about now.

[It hadn't occurred to me, but I have to agree with ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike, who mentioned it this morning: Tony Dungy would have been a much better choice -- even though the AFC championship and Super Bowl games occurred during the first five weeks of 2007. Yes, the historical nature of being the first black coach to win the Super Bowl is nice to note, but there are far more substantial reasons that make Dungy deserving: He finally got the "can't-win-the-big-one" monkey off both his and Peyton Manning/the Colts backs. Furthermore, in a pretty horrid year of bad sportsmanship (Michael Vick, NBA referee gambling, Pacman Jones, Barry Bonds, the Tour de France) -- he is one of the classiest, most upstanding men in sports.]

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