Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thank You To All [Harry Carson]

To all of my family, good friends and wonderful Giant, Pro Football or Harry Carson fans all around the world I offer my sincerest gratitude for your support and very warm well wishes over the past few months in regard to my son's health and my election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

As I join the few to be recognized as the greatest to ever play the game, I am humbled and even embarrassed by the honor yet thrilled to have had the opportunity represent my family, my friends, my race, my hometown of Florence, South Carolina and all those who've said something or done something to affect my life along this journey. To South Carolina State University, the New York Giants Organization and all of the loyal Giant fans and all who have played the game of football on any level, I hope that I've represented you well and have made you proud. As I enter the Hall of Fame I take all of you with me.

I've worn many jersey numbers during my 21 year football playing career. In high school I wore #70, at South Carolina State I wore #75 and I wore #53 during my 13 year career with the New York Football Giants. I am now honored to be #231 out of the 235 members of the Professional Football Hall of Fame!

Thank you and God bless!!

Harry Carson