Monday, October 30, 2006

First Post: My NFL Top 10 [David Stefanini]

Through the first 8 weeks of the NFL season there have been many surprises, some good and some bad. The Steelers would have to be considered the biggest disappointment of the season, whereas the Saints would have to be the biggest surprise of the season.

The Bears look like a well-oiled machine that will never lose, in the next couple of seasons at least. The Colts are once again 7-0, however I don't see them as the team who will represent the AFC in the Superbowl... On to the Rankings:

1) Bears- Do I need to say anything? Best offense, best defense, great special teams...

2) Colts- Only because they are 7-0 am I ranking them second. Their game against the Broncos was a big statement for a team with alot of doubters.

3) Patriots- With Tom Brady at the helm, the Pats will not disappoint. The WR's are not exactly stars, but this team is the definition of consistancy. Look for their showdown with the Colts to determine my #2 slot next week.

4) SUPERChargers- LT is the most complete player in the NFL. I wouldn't be suprised if Phillip Rivers went down with an injury, LT would step in and be the QB of the team. With him leading the way and a great defense they will be a feared team come playoff time.

5) Falcons- If Michael Vick can play the way he has these last two games, they may be the only team in the NFC to have a shot of beating the Bears. Deangelo Hall is becoming a shut-down corner. There defense line is great, and did I mention they have Michael Vick?

6) Broncos- Jay Cutler... Jay Cutler... Jay Cutler... and maybe this team would be in the top 3.

7) Giants- Wins on the road in Atlanta and Dallas are huge games for this team. We will see if they are for real when they get a chance to upset the Bears on Sunday Night Football in 2 weeks.

8) Baltimore- O where o where has Steve Mcnair been o where o where has he been...

9) Cowboys- I'm sure people will hate them in the top 10 but the facts are the facts. TO is the best reciever in the game, and now that Tony Romo is in look for TO to have an amazing season. Their defense showed last night they can shut down a high powered offense. That is a recipie for success.

10) Vikings- Yes the Saints could be here, but honestly will the run Last? No. The Vikings are quietly 4-2 going into a showdown with the Pats. If they can pull off the upset they won't be winning quietly anymore.