Friday, October 13, 2006

Jubilation in Shea [J. Mark English]

Despite a soar throat, a headache, and being incredibly tired...last nights Mets game against the Cardinals in the NLCS was worth the after affects.

The crowd was fantastic...loud, enthusiastic, drunk with love of their team, and ready to rock the City.

Tom Glavine was masterful. Watching him pitch last night was like watching a great pianist perform on felt privileged to witness greatness.
Jeff Weaver resembled Kenny Rogers, which last week would have been insult, but this week its a compliment. Thank goodness for the home run by Beltran...which I was standing online for the I missed the only scoring of the game.
The Mets bullpen preserved a perfect evening. The Mets defense was solid as ever.
Tonights game should be pivotal. The Cardinals must win this game, and they have their best pitcher, Chris Carpenter, taking the mound. This could be a turning point in the series depending on the outcome of tonights game.
And Jose Reyes....could you please find a way to get on base?