Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Your Daily Fix 10.24.06 [J. Mark English]

  • Love, hugs and smiles as the MLB players and owners announce a five year labor deal: Major League Baseball had hoped the new Basic Agreement could be finished Friday and announced before the World Series began. Hence Rob Manfred and the Players Association worked all Friday to try to get it done. They finally announced the deal Tuesday at Busch Stadium, just a few days later than planned.

    There is little that is earth-shattering about the deal except that it was accomplished so discreetly, without threats or cries of poverty, press conferences or games missed. That's because the baseball business is awash in cash. - Peter Gammons

  • Over there: The NFL will be playing two games out of the country starting next year.
  • ESPN breaks ratings records with last nights Monday Night Football game between the Cowboys and the Giants. Comment - Great...good from them. But I mean maybe its because they are promo whores when it comes to prepping a regular season game. I think they had 12 ESPN personalities at the game last night. Plus, after a fantastic fun by Brandon Jacobs, I wanted to see a replay. But I couldn't see it because they were plugging "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC with Emmitt Smith. I mean give me a break. I want to see football!!
  • Charlie Weis doesn't understand Notre Dame's slip in the polls.
  • Expect Dennis Green to be fired should the Arizona Cardinals lose this weekend, following their worst start in nine years.
  • John Donovan with five keys to Game 3 of the World Series. Not that I'll be watching...yes, I'm still bitter. Lets go Knicks! (Pre-season basketball rocks.)
  • Tony La Russa questions what was on Kenny Rogers hand: "Didn't look like dirt."
  • Robert Cheruiyot leaves hospital, all smiles, after spill before finish of the Chicago Marathon.
  • Wes Goldstein with his NHL rankings. Here come the Thrashers!
  • Tom Cowlishaw: Bledsoe or Romo? Parcells must decide.